D200 ISSUES - please list them out

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D200 ISSUES - please list them out


1. This thread is NOT related to banding. Please keep banding issues in another post, as it will only break the flow of this post.

2. I am not trying to bash the D200 - in fact I have two and wouldnt replace/trade them for any other body (today), except maybe for D2x/s. So, if you are planning on buying one, go for it as it is a superb camera that you will not be disappointed with.

3. This post is NOT related to D200's shortcomings, eg. its battery doesnt last as long as the D70. etc.
4. All of the above.

With a lot of D200's heading towards the end of their warranty, some rare, yet common issues have started cropping up. So, to identify and make Nikon acknowledge and fix them for free, I am hoping that people will mention the problems they have encountered so far.

I have encountered the following 3 issues:

1. Battery low indicator - I have started seeing more and more posts around this. I encountred this in my first big shoot out, a few weeks after the version upgrade. I have encountered it more than once now and it happens with both D200/s. One has MB-D200 and the other does not. This has happened regardless of the lens type I am using.

2. AF refuses to focus at times - This only happened in my recent event shoot. The camera would refuse to focus and I had to manually turn it on/off, or let it sit idle for a few mins before it would start working again. Un/mounting did not help. I was using 18-200mm in this case. The camera worked flawlessly most of the time and this only happened intermittently. I have seen a few other posts around this too. This is not a user error, and neither it is related to the contacts being dirty.

3. Focus stops just before geting the object into focus - and I had to manually adjust the lens slightly to get it into focus. I noticed that another user had this problem with their D2x. I have only faced this once with my Sigma 300-800mm, so it might be a non-issue. But I want to keep an eye on this and list it out here.

I had not faced any other problems with my D200, and it has been working flawlessly every time, except the ones mentioned above.

Please feel free to add your issues the way I have done for easier identification. Maybe someone can come up with a better format and so the issues can be captured more efficiently.

Hopefully Nikon will acknowledge some of these and fix them - via firmware or a repair. I am not too concerned about the warranty as my cameras are covered for the next 3+years. It will be sad to see D200 going the D70 route, even though Nikon did an excellent job of repairing effected D70 bodies well past their warranty expiration. While the frequency of issues with the D200 is much much lower, it is still good to highlight and bring them on the table.

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