Were G2 lenses built for another camera?

Started Jan 31, 2002 | Discussions thread
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Were G2 lenses built for another camera?

Here is an excerpt taken from another forum about the G2 converter lenses:

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"You can buy the Canon LA-DC58 adapter and mount a 58 mm filter on it.
But 58 mm is really oversize for this camera; Canon chose that size
so you could use the series of wide and tele and closeup adapters
that Canon already built for a different camera in that size. Apparently
the LA-DC58 can partially block the optical viewfinder and the focus
illuminator lamp."


I know the Canon adapter will partially block the viewfinder, but does anyone know if the other part of the above statement is TRUE? That is, did Canon go with a 58mm adapter so they could use lenses originally built for another camera? What other Canon camera (other than the G1) do these lenses work with?

Anybody know the answer?

Regards... Tim

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