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Re: Similar with XT...

tapir wrote:

If K10D along with *istD also defeats the reason and purpose of RAW
I'll be very concerned and dissapointed especially given poor JPEG
showing. I'm shooting RAW almost exclusively. Partial reason is
ability to adjust WB in a most undestructive manner.

Alec, if you think about it and just want a fixed gain between channels for the D's and K110/100D, just shoot with AWB or with Sunny preset, which will give you fixed gain ratios that are more or less as one would get from Canon. However, if you are in an extreme WB situation, Pentax have given you the option of choosing a preset WB or Manual WB that more closely matches the scene WB, and correspondingly adjusts gain ratios to give you a little more clipping in some colour channels. This is an advantage, not a disadvantage.

Something on which Jonas did not comment is that, although the Canon 5D does not change relative gains between the RGB channels, it does appear to reduce overall gain for all three channels to increase clipping headroom in extreme lighting situation presets similar to what Pentax does as explained in the paragraph above. In fact, the 5D's method then loses tonality in the channels that aren't "pushed" more than with Pentax's method above.

From tests done already, it appears that the K10D does not have the same behaviour as earlier cameras and gain ratios between channels appear to be fixed for all WB settings.

Regards, GordonBGood

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