D40.. why not ??

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Re: Also: Fewer Hard Buttons

Daisuke Jigen wrote:

Is Af working well with 30mm Sigma ??
What about low light situations...

I didn't have any problem focusing with the 30mm Sigma. It's sharp, fast and precise. The only time the lens is hesitating to focus is when there isn't enough contrast between the subject and the background, but this is a problem inherent to the passive AF system of DSLR cameras.

The Sigma 30mm is just a delight to use in low light situation. It's sharp even at its biggest aperture. However the very shallow DOF can be very tricky to deal with when shooting at the biggest aperture.

Here are a few samples of the D40 + Sigma 30mm F1.4
No post post processing. Pics have just been resized.

And example of the shallow DOF (probably 2 or 3cm at 1.4).

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