FZ7 – New Sports photographer “Needs lots of help” newbie

Started Dec 18, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Airborne44 New Member • Posts: 3
FZ7 – New Sports photographer “Needs lots of help” newbie

Hello to all, and would like to thank everyone for their useful tips.

I’m fairly new to digital photography and being more and more over whelmed with the amount of details involved (but it’s still so much fun)

I have very active teen’s (Basketball – soccer)
1) The soccer shots seem to look pretty good – get a fair amount of keepers
2) The Basketball indoor High School gym is another story…
All the shots are VERY LIGHT and blurry…
Sometimes a shot w/o the zoom far off will not look too blurry
I have the IS mode on
I have tried a few different adjustments but not too familiar…
a)used the scene mode – high inten. But not much luck
looking for some tips - sugguestions
Thanks in advance and look forward to your input…

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