RAW vs White balance

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Similar with XT...

I'll upload XT histos today or tomorrow but here're my findings:

Jonas B wrote:

  • never changes the amplification between the channels regardless

of what setting is used for the White Balance

Same here. AWB, WB preset or manual on XT have no bearing on RAW color channel data. That's I believe how it should be!

If K10D along with *istD also defeats the reason and purpose of RAW I'll be very concerned and dissapointed especially given poor JPEG showing. I'm shooting RAW almost exclusively. Partial reason is ability to adjust WB in a most undestructive manner.

  • Furthermore: I have found that the RGB histogram, as expected, is

read from data processed according to the WhiBal setting which
forces the photographer to do some thinking when evaluating the RGB
histogram and setting the exposure. This is something I guess is
valid for most, if not all cameras providing a RGB histogram for
the photographer.

Yes, that's why lack of RGB histo on XT is dangerous.

Thank you Malykh (whoever you are), vortout and GordonBGood,

Many thanks also.

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