RAW vs White balance

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5D malykh-GordonBGood histos here

As the findings for the *ist series of cameras were quite interesting I felt I needed to see what my 5D does. Just for the sake of it I post a link to a gallery with histograms from a series of test pictures taken with the 5D.

The result shows that the 5D:
should be handled with care when using ISO 50,

  • increases headroom for ISO 100-1600 compared to what happens at the ISO 50 setting,

  • does some bit shifting at ISO 3200 (and you can possible just as well use ISO 1600 and compensate when developing the raw file,

  • never changes the amplification between the channels regardless of what setting is used for the White Balance

  • Furthermore: I have found that the RGB histogram, as expected, is read from data processed according to the WhiBal setting which forces the photographer to do some thinking when evaluating the RGB histogram and setting the exposure. This is something I guess is valid for most, if not all cameras providing a RGB histogram for the photographer.

Some testing is always at place, in other words. I'm about to learn to use the 5D and this gives me some insights I don't want to be without when taking real pictures.

And yes, this post will appear in the appropiate forum as well.

Thank you Malykh (whoever you are), vortout and GordonBGood,


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