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iView MediaPro issues...

David Hull wrote:

I actually like the program although I still use PSE as my DAM app.
If I switch to something else it will either be Lightroom or iView.
However, in the process of auditioning iView, I did find some
interesting anomalies which indicated to me that they were a bit
weak on testing.

One thing was that the program would crash my machine as I scrolled
down the keyword list when I got to the bottom of the list and hit
the down arrow, boom -- the program would crash. This was very
repeatable I would have think this would have turned up in testing.

Right now I'm trying latest iView MediaPro version (3.1.2) and when using "Find" with criteria [File Type] [is] [jpg], nothing happens after clicking Find. Using [jpeg] works: by showing files that have jpg (not jpeg) extension -weird.

With other words: if you use jpeg or JPEG for criteria, images with jpg extension are shown. But not so if you try to select cr2 images: here search criteria is case sensitive -you must use CR2. Not only that: next time you use the same criteria, you won't get desired result -because space character is automatically inserted before CR2: critera changes to " CR2" -so no results.

I must say I'm a bit disappointed... such basic things shouldn't happen with $200 software (yes, there are crash issues too) -not very "pro" IMO.
Now I'm on the way for further testing of Fototime FotoAlbumPro...

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