Show us your 5d 1600 & 3200 ISO shots

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Show us your 5d 1600 & 3200 ISO shots

Your 5D LOVES low light, and can handle the TRUE test. Back to the wall,
almost no light, or very uneven light, the 5D still performs!

Ok you fellow "existing light photographers" out there, lets have em.

I test drove a D200 to these limits, to no where near these results. I traded it for a 5D. Am I ever HAPPY! These are my first 2 low light level shoots.

Go ahead and nitpick, for out of the box jpegs, I'd say they rock!

I'm still learning the controls, and hadn't figured out yet how to go to 3200 ISO. Wish I had of those 2 nites. I'd of pushed even further.

I've sworn to shoot only RAW in thlis kind of light, from now on.
Got a 4 gig card for that purpose.

The 5D has no built in flash, because IT DOESN'T NEED ONE!

Show us your "Dark Side".

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