HP 9180 vs Epson 3800

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HP 9180 vs Epson 3800

Hi all,

Like a lot of you I still haven't decided which printer to get. Hope this thread will make be able to take the decision.

I like both the HP 9180 and Epson 3800 as well as the Canon IPF 5000. Unfortunally I live in Europe and the prices are much higher compared to the USA.

Below the prices converted in US dollars that I can buy the printer for in the Netherlands

Canon IPF 5000 $3076,- (no cash back or roll feeding actions)
Epson 3800 $1785,-
HP 9180 $ 775,-

The Canon is above my budget unfortunally so I need to choose between the Epson and HP.

What I like about the Epson

+ bigger cartridges
+ A2 paper size

What I like about the HP

+ price

I have the following questions:

  • Will the ink cost be a lot cheaper for the Epson compared to the HP? Will this make the Epson a better deal?

  • With respect to print quality, is there any difference between the 2 or is the difference neglectible?

  • Do you think the Epson is worth more than twice the price of the HP9180?

  • Is there a general thought of the lifespan of a printer before it becomes out of date?

Maybe you have some other suggestions/thoughts that can help me decide.



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