Held a Nikon D40

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D.R. Walsh Regular Member • Posts: 386
Held a Nikon D40

[Not trolling - I am a Canon 20D owner]

Tried a D40 in a shop recently. Really small and light, but with a better handgrip than the 350D. The viewfinder is bigger and brighter than my 20D.

Now I know the Canons have better sensors, but I hope Canon address this model robustly:

Launch a '250D' with

  • 8 MP sensor

  • Decent handgrip, big viewfinder

  • Takes compact flash

  • Is really light

  • Sub $600 price.

  • No marketing driven crippling of features.

  • Anything else they want to throw in: body IS, dust removal etc.

This would make a useful companion / spare body / walkabout alternative for my 20D.

They said they were going to introduce a model below the 300D years ago, but instead they launched the 350D which has a higher spec.

It is only a question of time before you see $400 DSLRs. We have gotten used to paying prices for DSLRs that are an anomoly due to the relative newness of digital technology.

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