105 VR as telephoto

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Versatile lens

The 105mm VR works very well as a not-so-short (almost 160mm equiv. FOV on digital) tele. Freehand shots are easily possible with 1/40sec and below. At longer distances, the AF-S is lightning-fast, for macro it is advisable to pre-focus manually. Bokeh is superb, sharpness is good at f2.8 and gets excellent bettween f5.6 and f8. Build quality is like a tank (including the rubber gasket at the mount), lens hood is well-designed and mass and size are within tolerable margins for outdoor work (travel, hiking etc.). This lens may be a good companion to the 17-55mm f2.8 instead of the 70-200, which is 2.5x as large, heavy and expensive.

Some tele shots on my web site to demonstrate the usefulness for both macro and landscape photography:




Images taken from a moving ship to demonstrate VR effectiveness:

http://www.feueratem.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=34&pos=14 (shot with 1/20 sec!)


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