105 VR as telephoto

Started Dec 14, 2006 | Discussions thread
tao.design Veteran Member • Posts: 5,632
105VR 100% crops at infinity

You can see how the lens performs at distance here:

There are 100% crops from a D2X from f/2.8 to f/11. I didn't find any curvature issues from the limited use of the optic, but maybe owners can confirm.

I wouldn't hesitate to use the lens as a landscape/general purpose tele as needed. The color and contrast are great for these applications.


canterel wrote:

i am curious if there are a lot of people using this lens as a
telephoto for events, basically as a lighter, cheaper prime
substitute for the 70-200 VR. it seems to have gorgeous bokeh and
incredible sharpness, but i wonder if there are field curvature
issues when focusing at infinity or at a reasonable distance.
anybody have any experience with this?

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