RAW vs White balance

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Re: I don't believe it unless you tell me...

Thanks for the explanation.

I did follow what the thread is about. I'm just unsure how the histogram gets generated from the RAW data. It seems to me that some software must be used to read the raw file and make the histogram. Even the histogram display on the camera's LCD is a software interpretation of the RAW data held on the memory card.

I can see what you are saying about the presets giving different readings. It's demonstrated in your histograms. I was just suggesting that the software used to display or convert the file and generate the histogram would make as much if not more difference. Your explanation about how Adobe measure colour temp would seem to suggest this is possible too.

All conversion software seems to use the header info in the RAW file to set a starting point for exposure, colour temp, contrast etc which can then be manipulated before converting. Of course if the histograms from a number of different conversion programs were identical that would prove the difference demonstrated is a result of how the camera records and saves the RAW data.

I don't pretend to have an expert understanding. I just like all possibilities to have been considered and at least steps taken to remove variables before accepting something new as fact.

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