G1 firmware upgrade or not?

Started Jan 29, 2002 | Discussions thread
Adam2 Veteran Member • Posts: 6,235
Re: G1 firmware upgrade or not?

I would do it for the battery fix alone. It does appear that the firmware upgrade slightly decreases focusing times (though not ability). If you search this forum, you should find that and other tests.

James Babb wrote:

Having never updated my G1's firmware, I thought I'd check to see
if I should. After reviewing the info on
http://www.canon.co.jp/Imaging/PSG1/PSG1_Firmware-e.html , I don't
think I need to bother. None of the mentioned modification seem to
effect me. I don't use the external flash and I have an external
charger should the charging problem occur.

Would Canon include miscellaneous bug fixes or improvements without
documenting them?

Is there any reason to upgrade the firmware?

I don't like to "fix" what isn't broken.

Any input is appreciated.

Jim Babb

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