Extreme noise! HELP!

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Re: Extreme noise! HELP!

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Two things......one, as people pointed out is that a lot of your images are under exposed which will show up noise more. Even a 1/3 stop out on a D70 will bring you a lot more noise. Exposure is critical and exposure to the right as far possible with the shadow barely touching the left wall on the histogram. You might blow some hightlights on some images, but it's the lesser of the two evils in my book.

Also pointed out, and as I had both cameras is that the D50 is a better low light performer IMO. And last but not least....you say you brought your raw files into photoshop. Are you using ACR?... because if you are, here is an eye opener! But first I must stress that this sample is with the D80 and I don't know if it's the same for the D70, but ACR ain't the best raw convertor in my book. I also have "raw developer" for the mac and it is streets ahead. Here's a sample of the XTi and D80 in ACR and raw developer at ISO1600. Default settings/sharpening was used. Look what ACR does to the reds in the image.


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