"Quickstart" for using manual lenses with D40 (complete novice)

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Re: "Quickstart" for using manual lenses with D40 (complete novice)

Here is an idea for you. It works for me when I use my 20+ year old Vivitar Series 1 70-210 macro. I call it 2-4-8. This is for outdoors only. I use it sometimes with the D50.

On camera, set to manual. Set ISO to 200. Set shutter speed to 400. On lens, set apature to f8. Focus, take the shot.

As mentioned in other posts here- look at picture review- toggle to the '"highlights" screen. If you see blinking highlights- adjust shutter speed and / or apature setting to where there are little if any blinking highlights.

Toggle to histogram. Look at results. Adjust exposure, Take another shot, readjust if necessary, then shoot away.

You are right- you need to learn about histogram right away. Here is a link to a very good site- Luminous Landscape- you can learn a lot here about digital. This is a tutorial on histogram.


It only takes a few seconds once you get the hang of it. Here a a couple shot with this method using the Series 1:

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