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Re: Going back to film ...

Well Ivan,

There's a difference in sharpness, color rendation and noise in darker aerea's. Not as crispy as my R1 I would say. I work from color-negative film, most Fuji 100 asa (scanned jpeg's from Vevia where disappointing to me). This all is caused by the limits of the machine that devellops and digitizes my films (Agfa I believe). Perhaps will a professional scanner and more attention give better results, but then it becomes very expensive.

By the way, printed on 4"x 6" give very good results. The postprocessing with CS2 (shadows / highlights-function is a bless for scanned film to expand the dynamic range).

Factually my point is the joy I still have using my old equipment. Using film is not a confession to me, I'm fond of new technology (it's my profession). I intended not to say film is as good or even better than digital, I don't believe so. I love my R1 instead of a SLR because of it's lens witch don't needs complex retro-focus design because the lack of a mirror, it's large sensor, it's silent operation and the continuous viewing. I dont need shake reduction because there's no mirror that moves. I shoot very sharp pictures till 1/2 sec. or so with it. Main reason why I bougt analogue SLR's in the past was the possebillity to see exactly what you got. For that we don't need mirrors anymore.

An R2 with interchangable lenses (or parts of it like my Zeiss-Ikon; back-elements built in camera, fronts are changable) would be ideal. Best of both worlds. It would mean a totally new design, I doubt if Sony would create that, will the market be big enough for that? It's competative with their own A100 too. No point, I'm happy with my R1 but I don't think it lasts as long as my old K2.


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