Is this the best HI-2 (ISO 3200) can do on the D2Xs?

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First of all, know how WB works...

and second, don't put away your old tricks of the trade. In the old days before WB, we would either BUY the right film, or color correct the light... either at the source or at the lens. This still holds true. WB is a crutch, especially when it is WAY off base. For correcting tungsten temperatures, the camera has to boost the blue channel to dizzying heights... here comes the noise. It is best to set the camera to DAYLIGHT WB and filter the light to correct it to this degree or close to it. This will reduce noise tremendously.

Also, keep in mind that you still need to get light on your subject ... EXPOSURE is everything. Take a picture of a white wall perfectly lit at ISO 3200 and you will get NO NOISE almost... it will seem to you like it is set to ISO 400 or less :-))

I have posted samples of this before but here they are again... with a D70... Notice the noise pattern is finer with the filtered shot. The D70 is known to have horrible ISO 1600 performance. Yet I shoot regularly with it at ISO 1600 at poorly lit HS stadiums with good performance as long as I expose correctly and don't care about shadow or deep shadow noise performance which sucks for obvious reasons.

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