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Re: Manual WB does impact *istD RAW

Jonas B wrote:

Ok. Thank you for explaining all that. It made an interesting read,
and also well in line with the observations over the DS' behaviour.
So, a manual whibal against, say a pink or light red paper, could
possibly hold back the red channel half a stop... Taken from memory
it seems to be about the same effect a weak blue filter can
provide. Of course, my memory isn't the best. Right now I even
don't remember the name of the woman that "invented" the method.
How stupid.
Well, half a stop isn't very much anyway.

Well, I haven't really seen a limit on the number of stops of sensitivity are possible with this method, but it's still cool that you can mimic old-school analog filters by using colored paper. I mean, you can go down to the Home Depot and grab a whole massive set of filters that are optically perfect and induce no flare and just happen to fit every single lens you own and weigh practically nothing and you can use them to wipe your bum in a pinch. Oh yeah... For free!

It will be interesting to see if the K10D behaves the same way.



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