D40 + 18-55 Kit lens or 18-70 AF-S lens

Started Dec 11, 2006 | Discussions thread
mknobil New Member • Posts: 11
Re: D40 + 18-55 Kit lens or 18-70 AF-S lens

I bought the D40 for the size/weight. The kit lens is amazing ... sure it feels like cheap plastic .... it is! ... but it has a very useful range, is pretty damn good opticaly, and is light as a feather. Question: If the "bild quality" has no impact on the performance of the lens, then ... whats the problem?

I don't need "silky smooth" if I have to pay for it in size and weight.

BTW I am enjoying my D40 more every day, as I discover little "graces".

... Like that in playback, after zooming into a specific area, then zooming back out, it will automaticaly soom to the same spot when pressing the + button. Also when zoomed in on an image durring playback, then using the jog wheel to change images, the zoom tays in the same spot on each picture .. SWEET! This is my first Nikon ... perhaps they all do this, if so ... Good ON you!

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