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Re: well, you've done your job.

I feel for ya.

An ad agency I shoot for just brought in the finished print job for the outside back covers of 9 phone books. Despite the PDF proof he'd sent the printer, the entire job is completely screwed up - reds in the black areas, the gold lettering is blue...

Good proofs don't prevent bad printers from doing bad work. I used to provide proof prints or Polaroids to my less sophisticated commercial clients when they were taking 4x5 chromes to print houses with the last words I said to them being "Your printed piece should look just like these prints, because this is what you have in these chromes." As so often happened, they'd get some fly by night print job and come back to me.

We eventually decided to set up a cooperative effort with a good color separation house and price jobs with seps included. If the client chose not to take advantage of the color seps, they signed a waiver to the effect that they had now assumed complete responsibility for color accuracy. We effectively later became an agency when we added a designer and print shop who worked well with the color separator - yet another interface that can go awry.

It can be very frustrating, especially as most of my commercial work is direct to manufacturer, 98% of whom are conversant with making whatever widget they make, but have no clue what to do after the shoot.

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