RAW vs White balance

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Whoops, "stops" is Log2 - not enough sleep...

Ed, I took a break for lunch and of course the answer came to me: "stops" are log base 2 and therefore the plot of the linear response raw data comes out logarithmic.

Everything is about right within experimental error. Sorry for that.

Regards, GordonBGood

GordonBGood wrote:

edhannon wrote:

What the tone curve represents is the relationship between the
12-bit raw value and the exposure (in 1/2 stop steps). I plot the
mode (the histogram cell with the largest value).

The only thing I don't understand is that, since this is done from
raw data without any processing, why the presumably linear raw
values don't change linearily with exposure. Normally if a
particular channel is close to clipping to level 4095 at say
exposure 8, then at half that exposure the same channel should be
about 2048 or half the value. I don't seem to see that in your
charts unless I'm looking at them correctly?

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