RAW vs White balance

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Re: RAW vs White balance

tapir wrote:

GordonBGood wrote:

If this keeps up, maybe I should just patch the program to do this
for uncompressed DNG and then it can be used by everybody just by
converting their raws to DNG using the Adobe utility.

Gordon, that's a really neat idea with DNG. I was looking to write
my own program for Canon CR2 files but DNG thing is certainly
better. I guess a lot of dcraw.c code can be reused (with Dave's
permission of course).

I've written for all of CR2, PEF, and DNG, so far. Yes, Dave's code is a help, although it's not always as efficient as it could be as to speed. Most of Dave's code is Open Source so can be used if you really wanted to.

The idea of RAW not being WB neutral really bothers me about K10D.
With my KM A2 and Rebel XT I always shoot RAW and do it on
assumption of neutrality to WB. So far all my superficial tests
show that CR2 files are WB neutral.

t isn't really a problem, as all Pentax do with some models is somewhat tune to gain ratios between channels to make them more wb neutral as per the guesses the photographer has made. In some ways, this is better than not adjusting and letting the channels clip where they may as other makers do.

This WB thing is a real bummer and even made me question my
decision to go with K10D. I'm beginning to wonder what else K10D
RAW data is sensitive to? Tone curve (Natural, Bright), saturation
and contrast?

Ed seems to feel that raw isn't sensitive to WB for the K10D. Almost certainly it isn't senstive to those other things.

So Don't Panic

Regards, GordonBGood

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