RAW vs White balance

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Re: RAW vs White balance Tone Curves *istD

edhannon wrote:

The differences are too small to be anything but fly specs.

If the *istD was really doing WB in raw the tungsten WB in tungsten
likght would look almost identical to the shade in daylight WB.

You really should try your software with a custom WB - either correct, or intentionally off a colored object. The color from a given shot is a combination of the values in the raw file, and the color profile used to process it. One can implement WB in either place, and in the case of the Ds, it apears to be a combination of both. I noticed some of the preset WB types didn't show much difference in the raw file, but a custom WB always is different. So a preset daylight WB shot's raw values are quite different from the same shot with a manual WB done on a white target in daylight - though if you run the two images through your raw converter, they come out nearly identical.

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