RAW vs White balance

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Re: RAW vs White balance

What the tone curve represents is the relationship between the 12-bit raw value and the exposure (in 1/2 stop steps). I plot the mode (the histogram cell with the largest value).

I agree that there is a difference. However, if Pentax was really compensating for the color of light, I wouold expect a larger change. The tungsten setting should change the tone curve enough to make up the difference between tungsten and daylight color temp.

I plan to do the same test in daylight conditions. If Pentax is adjusting color temp to a degree that is useful then I would expect the tone curves of tungsten light with a tungsten setting to equal that of day light with a daylight setting.

To make it worth while to me to change white balance when using raw mode I would have to see a change in the clipping of the red channel. And I do not see that. It clips at the same EV with tungsten WB as it does with daylight WB.
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