580EX Flash Tutorial Book?

Started Nov 28, 2006 | Discussions thread
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580EX DVD On Using Flash

I bought a DVD from Blue Crane Digital on how to use the Speedlite 580ex and 430ex a week ago. I've watched it twice and think it was well worth $24.95.

The Topics Covered Are

Flash Exposure Compensation
Using the Flash as a Key or Fill light
FP or High Speed Sync operation
Slow Sync demystified
Controlling the hardness or softness of the flash
Auto and Manual Zoom control
Flash Bracketing
Manual Mode and Exposure Compensation
Wireless Operation
A:B and C groups – why they exist and how to use them
Group Ratios
Flash exposure lock
Getting the flash off the camera
First and Second Curtain Sync
Manual and Stroboscopic modes

I would recommend this to any who wants to learn more about the Canon flash system, unless you are a pro, then it might be more of a review.

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