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Re: K100D Dynamic range different at ISO 200/400...

GordonBGood wrote:

Jonas B wrote:

GordonBGood wrote:

Hmmm, what model Canon and what OS do you run? Among other things,
I am working on Canon CR2 files now, and could likely quickly
cobble together something rough and ready, but I work in C# under
DotNet2 (Windows 2K+). I could likely get it to work on the Mac or
Linux under Mono, but I haven't tested it. e-mail to the address
in your profile?

In short: Canon 5D, Windows XP, the profile mail addy works

All I would like to do is to find out if the 5D do something to the
raw files in the line with what we have seen in this thread. Maybe
this is allready well known? As I'm new to do the 5D I have some
catch up to do in some areas.

Jonas, after thinking about this last night, I thought it might be
easier to just patch the Java source files for the PEF program you
already used so as to read the raw data from CR2 files, uncompress
it, and pass it to the routines the guy already wrote. In that way
you don't need to download the DotNet 2.0 runtime (if you don't
have it), as if you could run this program, you should be able to
run the patched version.

Haven't used Java for a while, and have misplaced my compiler, but
am downloading a free free version. Shouldn't take too long after

Hi Gordon,

Well, I'm grateful for anything that can be done. At the same time I don't think the question is that important and worthy too much work. I also guess the answer is out there somewhere.

(Just thinking loud here:) There must be many that, like me, leaves the White Balance setting at AWB or Sunshine and then never touches it. Should there be a problem it should be well known. Hmm. Thinking about it we didn't know about the DS behaviour until recently... And it did shed some light on some things some of us think we have run into when post processing...)

Ok, if it's easy done and if you don't loose much time I'm interested in trying a similar tool for the 5D.

thank you,


PS: I think I have the Net framework or what it is called loaded here. No idea what version it is, or how to check it. If the malykh tool is a Java thing it will of course work.

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