Change FZ20 for a FZ50?

Started Dec 7, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: Change FZ20 for a FZ50?

I upgraded from the 20 to the 50, and can whole-heartedly recommend it. Very good upgrade. Almost everything I care about is better, and I didn't have to learn a whole new system. Noise is not a problem unless you pixelpeep. More than the DSLR's, but if you're happy with your FZ20, you;ll be happIER with the 50.

Chikago wrote:

Hello everyone,
I own the Panasonic DMC FZ20 and I am considering upgrading to the
FZ50. Can you tell me if this is a good idea? I have been reading
reviews with the comments on too much noise, so I have been
thinking about switching to a DSLR but I love the FZ20 with its
zoom and image stabilizer. Any advice would be very welcome.

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