D40 Feels good

Started Dec 8, 2006 | Discussions thread
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D40 Feels good indeed

I had D50, D80 before(now using Pentax and G7). I was at my local best buy and asked about D40 to a sales girl there. She said they just got them and she pulled one out for me to "feel" it. She said she would later put it up as demo.

D40 felt good indeed. Its viewfinder is brighter and bigger than that of D50. Its LCD display is great. I love that it shows all the shooting parameters on the big LCD and the ability to navigate through all the parameter, hightlight one, make change right there. Great work, Nikon. I felt bad for my Pentax K100D comparing to D40. Man, even dinky kit lens reminds me how much quieter and faster Nikon AF-S is comparing to Pentax's screw drive. I think I may be on the move again.

Brad Waldera wrote:

My D50 feels very good. I actually tried to get a grip on a D40 and
a D80 last Saturday in Fargo, North Dakota at Best Buy. I didn't
see either one in their display area. Wierd.

Welcome aboard D40 feeler.
My new logo will be featured here shortly. After getting my SB-600,
I decided to now call my business 'All Means Photography'

Wishing I had photoshop skills. Period.


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