Commercial Photography and Billing Insights and Questions

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Nothing stays the same...

In a recent thread I mentioned how the major industries still remaining here are forcing the unions to accept wages of $7-9 per hour as opposed to $ I was in Anderson IN in the late 70's/early 80's when the GM plants closed and people just abandoned their homes to the banks, packed what they could in their cars and left. It was "The Grapes of Wrath" redux.

It may well be happening again here in western PA and eastern Ohio. From just south of Cleveland to just north of Pittsburgh it's Appalachia again.

John G sent me an email about how he closed his New Mexico studio after 9/11 and worked exclusively in NY, but that's the only reply regarding NM so far. Not like anybody working there is going to step up and say, "Yeah, come on in - I have more than I can handle". But I spend my vacations out there and have walked around Santa Fe with an eye towards commercial work. So many are pursuing fine arts that there could be a possible niche. And I have connections and friends there which eases any move for any reason.

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