Question for G7 owners (LCD & control ergonomics)

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Question for G7 owners (LCD & control ergonomics)

My A610 bit the dust. It was darn near the perfect ski P&S camera when I don't want to haul the 20D.

I am debating whether to buy another A610 or go for the expensive G7.

I gain a lot with the G7 like:
IS includiing panning mode single axis IS for action

2 custom modes (really important whe you need the camera ready RIGHT NOW on a backcountry run)
Compact size

However there are some minuses with the G7
Slower 2.0fps instead of 2.4fps and it goes below 2.0fps if you go above ISO200
No use of AAs (which everything in my pack runs on)


Now there are two minuses that are holding me up because I dont know how big a minus they are:

Control ergonomics... the A610 has a nice grip the G7 has no grip... the A610 can be operated with ski gloves on... can you get a stable grip and work the controls on the G7 with gloves on?

Twist and flip LCD gone: I could throw the A610 into any pocket without a protective case. The A610 took many drops before the screen finally cracked. Disregarding the loss of function, is the G7's screen robust and very resistant to scratches in my pocket?

These are key questions for me to answer before I drop 3X as much $$$ on the G7 as a replacement A610

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