Nikon Capture NX or Photoshop Elements 5

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Re: Nikon Capture NX or Photoshop Elements 5

RLL3 wrote:

What are the parameters in an NEF file that need adjustment in PS
Elements to get back to the in-camera setting on a D50?

Not sure if I understand that question. One big difference between NX and 3rd party converters such as Adobe Camera Raw is that NX reads the in-camera settings like tone curve and saturation, while other converters don't. In ACR you need to start over and adjust the image to your liking. It gives you a default conversion when you open up the image, but that is just Adobe's interpretation of the raw data and has nothing to do with your settings when you took the picture.

I'm experimented with the Capture NX demo and really like the look
when opening RAW, but would like to do it all in Elements if

NX is far more powerful in its raw editing capabilities. You can work with the NEF and get it to look right without having to convert to TIFF and continue in Elements in most cases. You only need to go to PSE if you need cloning or healing brush - local retouching to fix blemishes.

Of course you can get by without NX and do everything with PSE. What you lose is the ability to read in-camera settings other than white balance, and the conversion quality from ACR is inferior IMO. Too much noise and muddled colors...

You already noticed it yourself apparently, since you like the look NX gives you when opening your files

Bottom line - you need both: NX for raw editing, and PSE for organizing and touching up blemishes.



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