Can somebody help me with this please ?

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Miralee Regular Member • Posts: 131
Can somebody help me with this please ?

Hi everyone

I read in the dpreview for the LX2 this:

28-112mm (35mm equiv) in 16:9 aspect mode,

and this:

Image ratios • 16:9 (default, CCD native)
• 3:2
• 4:3

2 questions:

1. for 3:2 and 4:3 images, what will be the widest angle one can shoot with ?- as it isn't 28mm apparently, and

2. for the FX01 and the FX50 does (above) apply too?

I hope I'm clear - I'm an (eternal) beginner so bear with me please, but it seems very limiting that if you want to take a wide angle 28mm photo you can only do that in 16:9 mode!!

Really looking forward to (not too technical) answers on this and thanks in advance.


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