D80 focus - is it me or Nikon????

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Re: Hex Screw

First make sure it is indeed backfocus rather than user or camera focus error.

I can't tell what's best for you, other than read thru the instructions that Leon Goodman gives at his site:


If you understand what he is saying, then you probably can do it yourself. You can at least take a look behind the mirror to see where the screws are and decide if you want to take the next step and try to adjust with a hex wrench (you might need two - one bent in the handle as there is not much room and you may run out of room to rotate pretty easy, if your starting position on the screw head happens to be unfavorable relative to the opening of the mirror box).

To me it was worth giving it a try first and I feel the adjustment is a very easy procedure (though I remember that I was quite scared the first time I did it). If the focus issue is indeed due to autofocus alignment, then it is correctable with this procedure with no other ill effects. You keep in mind that you can enter dust or damage the sensor while doing it if your hand is not steady so it is not risk-free, and do it on a fresh battery (the mirror won't lift if it is half-full sometimes). If your adjustments do not bring you closer to what you want, then turn the screw back if needed and send it off to Nikon...

NiklaiN wrote:

What is your suggestion?

Fact: D80 1,5 month old w. back focus; Nikkor 18-70 AF-S DX,
28-80G, 70-300G

Go to service or try to correct at home?

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