XTi vs D80 AF?

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OK - I got the AF-verdict here

junior wrote:

I was at the store today and fooled around with both the D80 and
XTi, D80 felt better made, but I liked the XTi's LCD with all the
settings, easy to see. One thing I noticed is that the Cannon
seemed to focus a lot faster than the Nikon. Does anyone know why
this happened? D80 had kit 18-135, XTi had the 18-55, was this the
reason? I also like the D80 kit lens does Cannon have a similar

...that is from the swedish magazine Foto which tested the D80 against the 400D.
AF-speed with kit lenses (Canon EF-S 18-55 II and Nikkor AF-S 18-55)
18 mm: Canon 0.24 s, Nikon 0.28 s
35 mm: Canon 0.26 s, Nikon 0.32 s
55 mm: Canon 0.27 s, Nikon 0.39 s

Shutterdelay: Canon 0.10 s, Nikon 0.06 S

Accuracy: Single shot: Nikon better, less hunting, higher precision

AF-tracking, serial shooting om moving subjects; Nikon better, Canon more often locks on the background. These tests done with several lenses.

Overall they thought the differences were small, with Canon marginally faster and Nikon marginally more reliable.

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