iPhoto : not ready for prime time

Started Jan 7, 2002 | Discussions thread
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I recently tried iPhoto and found it a little frustrating.

On a G4Ti with 500mb RAM it was so slow to deal with the library of images that I imported into it. It also was painful to then go through and organise back into the folders they had come from (maybe I missed something there)... so I didn't actually bother.
Then there is the issue that it didn't import the video clips from my Canon G1.
Fortunately, I recently discovered this forum and read about the iView product.

So it was back to Apples 'Image Capture' and I'm trying the demo of iView MediaPro which is very impressive.

It imports my folders, keeps the extra info about shutter speeds etc, and is fast. The slideshow is of the correct quality too.

I do believe that iPhoto will be worth keeping an eye on in the future, and I hope it becomes the app. we all want it to be.

I know that iPhoto is 'free' and some people think that means we can't critique it, but when you buy a Mac you pay for the r & d for Apple, and all the things they do. So is it really free?

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