Post-Processing (non-RAW)???

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Re: Post-Processing (non-RAW)???

nearlyfocused wrote:

I'm thinking about really getting into post-processing, and I have
some "start-up" questions:
1. I have a copy of PSE 4 - is it worth upgrading to v. 5 or use v.
4 and "get my feet wet" first?

PSE4 will work fine. PSE5 has some nice upgrades.

2. Are there any really good articles or books on workflow? i.e.
copying media files to computer, converting jpg to psd or tiff to
protect the file's integrity, keeping files (photos) in a separte
place on the computer or just using PSE to organize all files,
backup (archival gold disks or just regular CD's), etc.

I don't have this one, but it's highly regarded...

I also like Scott Kelby's books...

3. If I "rotate" files (photos) when transferring from camera (or
media) to computer does that degrade the jpg image as changing
color, WB, etc. and re-saving the image would degrade it each time
it was changed and saved?
TIA :> )

Depends on the program. The smart ones just change the EXIF tag.

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