The Dell Lottery-I lost!

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Re: photo

Hi abcdelight thank you for your very informative reply, greatly appreciated.

Sounds like I lucked out and got an S-IPS panel.

All of the other references that I have found during my first week with this screen also point to the RT803’s being S-IPS.

Now that I’m a little more familiar with the panel I have noticed that the blacks do take on a slight purple tinge at extreme viewing angles which I also understand is a good indicator of a S-IPS panel.

I’m please to say that I have not experienced the difference if dark detail from different viewing angles, the black detail and contrast are absolutely consistent no matter the angle of view.

The information about panel speed being faster than advertised is interesting. I can certainly say that I have seen no ghosting, image lag or tearing despite some fast paced gaming sessions.

In this respect the monitor definitely hold up well, so I’m very pleased even though this was not my main criteria, video also looks fantastic, especially the hi-def clips.

Not sure from your comments on video if there is a really difference between the panel types used in the 2007FPW or if my previous monitor was just so poor as a reference point (it certainly is poor in comparison in terms of colour fidelity, vibrancy etc).

Sorry to hear though that you had a faulty pixel from day one. Checked mine thoroughly on the first days and cant find a single fault (Yeah Hey).

Hope you get a better replacement and hopefully an S-IPS too, although it sounds like the S-PVA is by no means a poor exampled in itself.

I can certainly say that this is the best performing monitor that I have ever owned and that goes for my previous Sony and Eizo CRT’s as well.

I was really impressed with the out of the box setup on the screen and how little adjustment it needed during calibration (Spyder and Optical).

The Brightness was already set as 50% which I had expect to require adjustment from reading other peoples experience and the curve corrections were to say the least very very minor compared to the last three of four LCD’s that I had calibrated.

In terms of my main requirement which was for Photo editing, this is a stonking performer and the wide screen format is fabulous for extra image editing space.

Finally considering the price that I paid, from a reputable reseller, which was lower than the discount offer direct from Dell (actually less than £300 ) this screen must be one of the best bargains about vs performance.
(yeah yeah I know we all thing we have the best and got the best deal)

Talking of which what is going on with Dell and the pricing of the 2007WFP ?

First its in the £322 range then back up to £400+ two weeks later 2x% discount back down to £322ish again and now a week later the discount has gone and its on offer for£343 ?

I like your analogy though regarding Dells stance on it being the same monitor irrespective of the panel inside, closer than you may think though.

After all a Jaguar is a Jaguar even if the X-Type has a Ford logo stamped into the engine block 

Anyway thanks again for your response.

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