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>>> Challenge 131: Results <<<

Congratulations and thanks to every placement and participant...the large collection of photos that you shared in this Challenge is simply amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed viewing each and every one of them...and I'm truly inspired by all your genuine talent and creativity. Thanks also to those who left comments, kept the "info thread" alive, and went to the "voting booth". A special note of thanks to Warren Sarle for the automated voting system and to Mike F. for his ever-present help and assistance, including his time charts and vote/placement organizing sheets. Now for the top ten placements in both galleries...

Congratulations, Katherine Kenison, your beautiful photo, "two glasses", has been voted winner of the Eligible gallery. An luminous photo overflowing with color that "pops" off the screen. The wonderful refractions along with those curvy, lean stem lines contributed so much to your lovely composition. Your simple presentation was just as effective and colorful. Katherine, "two glasses" represents a brilliant idea that was artistically very well realized. Congratulations...you are the host of our 132nd Challenge!

We have a tie for first place in the Exhibition gallery...

Congratulations to Johnny Santoso...your photo, "Duel", has been selected as winner of the Exhibition gallery. What an outstanding capture of two birds in flight confronting each other with wings and legs fully extended. Such clear detail and wonderful stop-action photography. Their two flying forms contrasted so well against the bright, blurred waters of the background. They almost appeared like identical, mirrored twins. A fantastic wildlife capture...very well done, Johnny!

Congratulations also to Sonny Asehan...your wonderful photo, "Dive! Dive!", has also been selected as winner of the Exhibition gallery. What a creative effort to set-up and photograph this "fantastic" photo. You captured the two drops perfectly as they fell to the glass. The little fish inside were crystal clear and wonderfully "realized". The rich, blurred color of the background served as a great canvas. Creative in all ways...and perfectly executed. Great photo, Sonny!

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1st ---- two glasses by Katherine Kenison [78]
2nd --- 'Three Mariachis' by Miguel Garcia-Guzman [64, 3hm]
3rd ---- Two in a bowl by Derya Uzturk [63]
4th ---- Apple-Orange 2in1 by MCsaba [62, 1hm]
5th ---- 2~ 3? by arra [58, 2hm]
6th ---- Disagreement by Zahid Niaz [41, 1hm]
7th ---- Death of a son by stephane bouchard [37, 1hm]
8th ---- Why do girls? by jrdu [35, 3hm]
9th ---- tiny feets by Cynthiana Kenison [26, 6hm]
9th ---- My Buddy & Me by pengu1n [26, 3hm]
10th -- Finishing Touch by Martin Polanic [24, 2hm]

1st ---- Duel by Johnny Santoso [30, 3hm]
1st ---- Dive! Dive! by Sonny Asehan [30, 1hm]
2nd --- 3-Way Relief by inframan [26, 4hm]
2nd --- Two hands and one wish by Awais Yaqub [26, 2hm]
2nd --- Riding High by Sandra Jackson [26, 1hm]
3rd ---- Paws by faye white [25, 1hm]
4th ---- Three pairs by Nikolai Sklobovsky [24, 2hm]
5th ---- A life on wind and water by Seabear [23, 1hm]
6th ---- St Peter Cathedral in Rome by barbara heide [22]
7th ---- Two to Tango by Vivek Agrawal [20, 3hm]
8th ---- just 'weighting' around by Bev Brink [18, 6hm]
8th ---- Moonlight Sonata by Renee Davis [18, 1hm]
9th ---- Start of a new life cycle by Moti [17, 1hm]
9th ---- Ho³ by John Buffin [17]
10th -- 3 Slices by markjayjay [16, 2hm]
10th -- trois soeurs... by inframan [16, 2hm]
10th -- Walking in your footsteps by stephane bouchard [16, 2hm]
10th -- Go Away by Johnny Santoso [16, 1hm]

Challenge 131 Statistics

• 224 images were entered in all, 72 in Eligible and 152 in Exhibition.

• 73 photographers were represented from around the world.

• 57 people voted, 57 in Eligible and 52 in Exhibition.

Thanks Everyone,

Here's the link to the galleries:

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