problem with K10D - sometimes freezes

Started Nov 30, 2006 | Discussions thread
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problem with K10D - sometimes freezes


I got my K10D two days ago and I found 'disturbing' problem - when I change SD card or change lens, then - it sometimes (1 from 10-20 cases) freezes and I have to take battery out and put it back. Here are steps I do:

  • turn off camera

  • change memory card or lens

  • turn on camera. At this point camera can be freezed - here are symptoms

  • it does not react to 'menu' button

  • it reacts to half press of shutter (camera focuses), but it does not take picture on full press

  • the number of remaining pictures is not display when camera is on, but it is displayed when I turn off camera. Even (when camera is off) I take out card from camera, the number of remaining shots remains (it is not changed).

  • -> the only way to force camera to work, is to take battery out and put it back...

I'm wondering if it is caused by memory card (I use SD A-data 150x 2gb) or it is problem of camera - when I will get new card, I will test it. It looks like some card problem on startup, but if it can be 'enabled' by lens change....

Further in operation manual, there is note (troubleshooting) about 'static electricity' causing camera to not operate, but I doubt if it is my case...

Anyway when I do not change card or lens, camera works w/o problems. So I investigate it further using new card.

Does someone suffering from the same problem?



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