Commercial Photography and Billing Insights and Questions

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Re: Commercial Photography and Billing Insights and Questions

It's custom shooting and they should be there to supervise the shoot if they wan that degree of control. You're in a tough spot.

Hey, have you tried this?

Explain that the new rates go into effect in January, but to save them time and money you're suggesting this:

First for down and dirty touch up, just lop off heads and arms on 680 pixel (long side) images and send them off. If they want it turned a little bit more as you described above, just go into photoshop and use the Perspective and Distort controls to accomplish it (Don't tell them, of course. They don't need to know how you get them, only that you do.) Shouldn't take more than a minute on a small file.

Get their approval and go from there. Then just replicate that on a full size one.

Other than that, I don't know what else to tell you. I once fired an agency for similar bs, and a year later the client made them come back to me. We've gotten along great in the 4 years since that happened. Not that I recommend that, you understand. Just what happened to me.

Good luck.

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