Commercial Photography and Billing Insights and Questions

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Re: Commercial Photography and Billing Insights and Questions

pellothed wrote:

They don't want them for free, nothing is free. What they want is
ALL the images, the problem is that they are so picky that I can't
just let them see the unretouched images that they used to pick off
a light table because they start talking about how we need to
reshoot this and that when the only problem is that the background
has been changed to all white, the limbs removed from the person
inside the shirt, the tag added to the collar, etc. (retouching).
SO, when I give them all the images, retouched, the gripe about the
bill all the while being a large enough company to pay many times
my invoices.

Well they need proper education in relation to the way photography works. i.e you shoot the images they require, then when they decide on the chosen shots you will make any relevant changes to them. To be honest that sort of retouching I am happy to let the designer do as I would much rather be shooting than getting square eyes.
if it wasnt for clients i would be a poor man, but happy!

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