Portrait w/ S3 Pro

Started Nov 27, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Leo...don't work that way....

Leo Terra wrote:

The overexpose of 1.5EV was proposital to produce a softer skin.

I have only this converted.

Leo, allow me to suggest my (informed, pro) opinion:

do not do it this way....the result is still not nice.
Shoot with the correct exposure
(overexpose by 1.5-2 stops if it's S3 RAW....better detail & tonality)

Convert to the exposure you wish, but not THIS much overexposed

add softening after in PS
(I can suggest methods if you wish)

you can easily mask out the eyes etc. in seconds if you wish, to retain their sharpness.

Leo, please don't take offense at my honest critique, I'm just trying to share my opinion & workflow.

Other than the exposure & workflow, the captured image is nice IMO.

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Photos speak louder than words.....let's all post more photos.

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