If You Could Take Your Rebel Anywhere...?

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Re: If You Could Take Your Rebel Anywhere...?

jml9905 wrote:

I've read a bit about Costa Rica. There is a lot to see. Many
national parks, volcanoes (Poas, Irazu and Arenal), tropical rain
forests, butterfly farms, hummingbirds gardens and lots of birds it
seems. But one wonders exactly how easy it is to see or photograph
the wildlife. Most documentation will say something like: "if you
visit, you might be lucky enough to see a three-toed sloth". How
lucky do you have to be? They don't say. And seeing or taking a
picture of a toucan hiding in some tree 500 feet away is not
exactly the same as from 50 feet.
I think I need more info about photo opportunities in Costa Rica.

my cousin told me about little monkey mostly..if you go in the forest. he's been there for a few years now but he's not a wildlife guy... he's a beach guy


jml9905 wrote:

I have 9 days set aside for a photo trip in mid-february and I
don't know where to go or rather I can't decide.

I've considered the following:

Costa Rica or Panama for the wildlife and the scenery.

Daniella wrote:

not a lot of wildlife in Costa Rica..little monkeys I think lots of
birds but beside that, not much from what I am told. my cousin
live there.

lots of lizards and there are iguanas too.

do you know of something else there?

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