If You Could Take Your Rebel Anywhere...?

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maybe I was wrong..

there is a polar bear provincial park north of Ontario..hmm..that is even closer to me..I wonder.

Daniella wrote:

ScottyNV wrote:

Hi Daniella,
I have not been to Churchill - if it is the one in Manitoba, that's
about 2000 miles from where I live in Vancouver BC, just 3 hours
north of Seattle, Wa... if you mean Churchill, Ontario, it's almost
3000 miles!

there are no polar bears in Ontario I meant Manitoba of course.
one of the best spot on earth to see the polar bears..but I think
winter is the right time, not sure.

there are white (polar) bears in the Yukon and Northwest
Territories as well, and on one trip (summertime) was riding my
motorcycle along the highway right beside a group of caribou! ..
that was an experience!

how far is that from you? Vancouver is a fantastic place to live
for wildlife. I have never been there.

that same motorcycle trip, the plan had been to go all the way up
to Inuvik, on the mouth of the Mackenzie River at the northern edge
of the continent -- 12-14 inch deep mud stopped us at Dawson City,
Yukon, and even that was a long four day ride from Vancouver (again
about 2000 miles one way!).

ok about the same distance as churchill. the fun thing about
churchill is that it is well organized for polar bears watching.
not sure how the other places are. for me I would go to Churchill
because it is a lot closer.


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