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Re: d50

I had to make a similar choice a few months ago.

They're very close in many respects.

In the end, the things that swung it for me:

D50 fitted in my hand better. I probably would have got used to the Pentax but the Nikon was exactly the shape my hand wanted to fall into. And that does make using it faster and more comfortable.

Most reviews I read suggested the Nikon kit lens is at least as good as the Pentax one. The Nikon lens has a built-in motor, so AF reckoned to be faster. There were also more reports of the Pentax AF having to hunt in low-light (one of the main things I wanted the camera for).

The major thing was choice of lenses, though. Only a very small range of new Pentax lenses is readily available in the UK. Trying to find a store that actually stocks them is tricky (and some of the few that do were talking about dropping Pentax because the UK distributor is so bad). This may not be so bad in the US.

In the end though, I could buy the D50 with Nikon's 18-70 lens for about the same money as the K100D with 18-55. The 18-70 is meant to be a much better lens and is slightly more flexible. There is no equivalent for the Pentax.

Although SR would have been nice, most of my low-light shots are spoiled by the subject moving, not the camera, so SR wouldn't make a difference. A f1.8 50mm lens, costing half as much as the (admittedly very sexy) Pentax 40mm f2.8 would, though.

All the cameras at that price are very good, so it's hard to choose between them, but being able to buy locally, get the lens I wanted and know that there is a wide choice of lenses available swung it in Nikon's favour. For me.

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