Nikon D90 with Anti Shake....!

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Paulo Abreu wrote:

Hi and Wow!

Thanks for posting those pictures - very nice indeed, sharp and
with good tonality and color.

Thank you very much. I think that Nikon subtly improves the IQ in every new model, not only in resolution, but also in other aspects as colors, AWB, tonality and DR.

I didn't said D80/D200 couldn't make good JPGs - these are great
examples - I've been looking at Phils D80 review yesterday, I
didn't inspect the samples yet but I'll give it a look after this

Resuming, D80 looks a very good camera for me, my only doubt has to
be with High Iso since I have thousands of pics taken with Fuji S2
at Iso1600 - IF D80"matches" at least S2 performance (wich isn't
great but acceptable), I will seriously consider it ...

Sorry, I havent tried ISO 1600 with my D200 much. My understanding is that the D80 is improved in high ISOs.

Again, as I shoot raw, will conversion software (NC or Adobe ACR)
make a difference in noise output at high ISO? I admit I haven't
yet disposed the time to evaluate these aspects - I don't want to
make (wrong) assumptions before getting properly informed.

I havent tried any other than NC, so I dont really know.

Paulo Abreu,

'It is not worthy to make a video of your life - just keep the best
moments in pictures!'

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