LX2 adapter for conversion lenses and filters.

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LX2 adapter for conversion lenses and filters.

Here is an adapter you can make to add converters and filters to your LX1 or LX2.

I started with the idea to expand on the wide angle ability of the LX series to get that WOW wide angle factor.

I chose a piece of grey electric conduit reducer, 1.5 x 1.25 inch as the basic element. It is softer than irrigation couplers and cuts more easily. One end is pretty close to the size you need to fit over the front of the LX2. You can grind it out with a Dremel and carbide burr so it fits. I find it best to grind most of it then heat it up and stretching it to fit the rest of the way. This gives you a good fit. Be careful to keep removing it periodically if you use heat treatment. It tends to shrink when it cools and fits a little too snugly.
So here are the basic things you need.

After you get the size right it will fit like this.

Next measure off 1 and 3/16 inches and cut if off with a hacksaw. You can mark the length by placing some kind of marker on something of that height and rotating the adapter around the point to leave a mark. After you cut it sandpaper it smoothly by placing the sandpaper flat and rubbing the cut end on it. Make sure it's the same height all around. This is what you will have when finished.

To create a 46mm threaded end for the Nikon WC-E68 to fit purchase a 43mm-46mm stepup ring cheaply from Ebay. Grind away a little of the PVC. It will drop right in with just a little grinding. Glue it in with superglue gel or any such cement. This WC works perfectly with no vignetting, and can be obtained on Ebay from a company liquidating them. I think buy now price is $19.00. You can also bid on it.This is what it looks like at this point

The next big step is creating a foot to attach it to the camera. Start with a 6 inch L bracket you can buy at Home Depot. For this section you may find it easier to work with a piece of hard plastic cut to an L shape. The finished piece should measure 1 an 7/8 inches on one side and 2 and 5/8 inches on the other. Here is what you will have.

To attach the two pieces together, place the greay pvc tube in place, making sure it's straight and screw the L bracket to the bottom of the camera into the tripod socket. (You have to drill a hole in the right place for this screw) Use a 1/4 inch bolt cut to 5/16 inch. Notice in the picture above I have attached a nut to the bottom of it with expoxy or some type of liquid weld.This is so you can still attach your camera to a tripod. Now you can join these two pieces together. Use epoxy, but there is also a product I found at walmart that's less runny. I can't remember the name of it. Weld something or other. Works better because it's stiffer. Don't come near your precious camera with the cement. Just put enough to hold the 2 pieces together. When it's set you can remove it and finish by adding more to fill in all the spaces. You can drill some holes in the pvc and metal for the stuff to flow into. When it all set trim and smooth it. You are done.

If you can find a screw from a flash bracket that will be nice. Like this one.

Here is your adapter ready for your wide angle converter.

Now attach the Nikon wide angle converter and you are ready for some wow shots at less than 19mm.

How about shots like these?

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