Advice greatly appreciated

Started Nov 27, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Advice greatly appreciated

Hi, all!!

I have been researching for a couple of months of which camera to get. The options have come down to the Pentax K100D and of course the Nikon D50. What I'm looking for is a camera to have for quite awhile. I'm not sure how far I would like for my Photography to go. As of now I don't see it as becoming a profession, just a good hobby. I know I'll buy some more lenses and probably upgrade a body in the future (way future). I have handled both cameras and like the feel of both cameras, but I feel the Pentax is built somewhat better. These are the pros for each camera-
Better viewfinder
Bigger LCD
Better kit lens
Shake Reduction
SMC lenses
Better color accuracy and image quality (popphoto)
Better built body

Better highlight/shadow detail (popphoto)
Faster AF
Better noise suppression
More shots per battery charge
Better metering
Bigger buffer
Extensive catalog of lenses and flashes

Flat view
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